Integrated Game Platform

Parallel network supports the access of any block chain game. The game types are not limited to small games, page games, mobile games, large games, chess and card games, etc. All the connected games will remain independent and will not affect each other. The game developers can directly face the players, abandon the intermediate links of the series, save a lot of costs, and let the developers get more profits.

Game Development Platform

The parallel network provides two ways to help game developers develop block chain games, one is the SDK toolkit and the other is a complete development support system.Game developers can enjoy low - cost, short-cycle technical support and huge platform traffic.

Game Assets Exchange

The parallel network is committed to creating a game asset exchange that allows all platform game assets and game Token to circulate freely, becoming a bridge between the encryption economy and the real economy, and allowing all game assets to circulate freely in the exchange to realize maximum value.

Team introduction

  • CEOAlexey Porval
  • CTOShah Hussain
  • CMOJhonny
  • Senior architectFira
  • CounselorJean-Loui