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Kingsoft cloud release block chain game project 2018-10-18

Kingsoft Cloud release block chain game project: "Project-X", will the domestic block chain game erupt?

At this stage, according to the development direction of chain, people think that "game" may be the first landing application of block chain . Especially with the emergence of many block-chain games after the encryption cat (cryptokitties), the domestic and foreign game companies see more possibilities after the combination of the block-chain and the game, and set off a storm focused on the blockchain game.

Today, the domestic software company Kingsoft Cloud released such a block-chain game with the project-"Project-X." According to Kingsoft cloud, "Project-X" means "Kingsoft cloud block chain game whole ecology", "Project-X" can carry Kingsoft game in the area of block chain expansion.

Through the "Project-X" project, Kingsoft Cloud will realize the linkage between the application platform of block-chain technology and the game industry, and can help the blockchain platform to build a perfect game ecological framework.

Kingsoft cloud believes that block chain games can achieve more credible transactions and coordination in the game, thus achieving a higher level of data security, collaborative efficiency and risk control.

Kingsoft game cloud chain cloud service platform KBaaS takes "Project-X" as the underlying technology support. KBaaS can make the game developer break through the technical barrier, provide a block chain basic application platform for the developer, and let more people participate in the game development.

KBaaS supports a variety of mainstream alliance chains, public chain development environments, including Hyperledger Fabric,Zig-Ledger,Ethereum, and various protocols, algorithmic services.

In addition, the game engine is the game developer's most concerned part. Game engine company Cocos also participated in Kingsoft game cloud block chain ecology, for block chain game developers to solve the "chain" on the creation of projects, game production, packaging online.

At present, the KBaaS platform has been open to applications, all game manufacturers can be approached. Star Daily found that an app platform had "KBaaS" App, but no download address.

It is understood that Kingsoft Cloud ranks the top three in China's cloud service market, and that Kingsoft's game studio Xishanju Studios is also an early game company in China. Therefore, "Project-X" block chain game will have a profound impact on the domestic game industry.

Block chain games may have a big break-out in the short term.