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On the first day 'Call of Duty-Black Ops 4' breaks digital sales record 2018-10-18

A few days ago, Activision said in a press release that sales of  'Call of Duty-Black Ops 4' broke the company's record of "game sales on the first day" .

Digital sales of the shooting game, developed by Treyarch, outstripped previous sales records for the first day of sales-the 2017 call of Duty: world War II.

Call of Duty 4 also broke the PlayStation store's highest sales record in all days in the company's history and its best-selling digital game on Xbox One in history, according to Activision's internal announcement. The above statistics all cover the global market.

Black Action 4 also achieved great success on the PC platform. According to Activision, Black Action 4 sales on the PC platform more than doubled the first-day sales of call of Duty: world War II. At the same time, on all platforms, the number of online players on the first day outnumbered World War II. But Activision did not provide any specific figures for that information, which is not surprising given that Activision and many other big game publishers have decided for some reason not to share these details.

Compared with World War II, sales of the first weekend in the UK were down nearly 50 percent from a year earlier, according to, a gaming industry group, and 59. The site reported that Black Action 4's first-weekend physical sales in the UK were the lowest in the series since Operation Black: modern War in 2007. Given the gaming industry's growing propensity to digital sales, sales of physical games are expected to decline further in the future.

Action Black 4 was launched on PS4,Xbox One and PC on October 12. Unlike the previous work in the COD series, Operation Black 4 does not have the traditional single-player mode. However, it has revealed full ambitions on PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS's Blackout model, the FPS game giant's response to rookie PUBG and Fortress Night. The game also includes new storylines from fans' favorite zombie mode.