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The block chain game in autume 2018 2018-10-18

In two months, the encrypted cat will be born for a whole year. Players quit, reduced heat, difficult to find profit model.  For the current status of blockchain game, its summed up a word: poor.

As a phenomenal game, encryption Cat (Crypto Kitties) financing nearly 100 million yuan, is a chain of industry financing head project, now its new round of financing is also in progress. The remaining projects, the amount of financing in millions, tens of millions of levels, compared with other sectors of the block chain industry ecology, not much.

In the DappReview tracking of 500-odd block chain games, 80% of the games have gone unattended, and 10% of the items DAU are only 100, most of which are of poor quality and lack of gameplay and playability.

Many chain games teams are not from the game industry. Its development is to outsource the game to other game teams, out of the outsourcing price. While chain gaming is not innovative at the moment, these outsourcers can't do it themselves either. "they can't raise money by themselves, they don't have a currency ring," Nick said.

Today's most anticipated game is the stone-like Fuel Games game, Gods Unchained, Seeds, which raised $2.4 million (16.5 million yuan) to play in beta at the end of the year.

There were also reports that CTO, a public chain project, had led the technical team away and that a foreign project had withdrawn its deployment in the Asia-Pacific region.

And in two months, encrypted cats will be born for a whole year. During these 10 months, no block chain games like encrypted cats, a lot of hot money and people into the chain-gaming industry. Even the Fomo 3 D fund disk, which should have drained more money, has become a joke because of hackers. The ecosystem that could have been built by reference to the traditional game industry is only embryonic. Lipstick effects don't seem to be in the chain, just as risk aversion is not evident in virtual currencies. The chain-to-earth industry, like the AI industry in 2015, calmed down as it fell.

Only 10 times improvement will have a clear advantage. Although Token is no longer a good value, the bear market is a good time to do things, let alone a relatively landing chain. The NEO, Nebula chain is hosting a blockchain game developer contest, and the wave field moves frequently. Prior to that, NetEase went up to Fuxi Tongbao, which is based on block chain, in the middle of the headwater cold. Ubisoft also introduced HashCraft.Peter Thiel once said, "Start-up companies must strive to achieve more than 10 times the improvement, a slight improvement is no improvement to the user." Only with 10 times of improvement will your product bring obvious benefits to your customers "

Although large factories have entered, but the entire block chain is still no different from entrepreneurship. According to the development curve, there will be a return to rationality after things rise, and when things accumulate enough potential energy, they will usher in a steady rise.

World of Warcraft Red Dragon Arley Kestasa has a line that life always blooms in the darkest places.

Now the same goes for blockchain game.